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Grade 5 Calendar Raffle Winners:

1-The Nett Family
2-Amy Heimlich
3-Cathy Garrity
4-Kim O'Donnell
5-Dawn Foley
6-Linda Kerrigan
7-Pat Garrity
8-Paul Carpenter
9-Kelsi Squires
10-Lee Carpenter
11-Shawn O'Donnell
12-Joe Schifo
13-Nicole Champagne
14-Evelin da Silva
15-Jacqulyn Mallard
16-Katherine Cota
17  Samantha Kerrigan
18  Karen Panetta
19  Brooklyn Manna
20 Sujith Naapa Ramesh
21 Kerry O'Donnell
22 Evelin da Silva
23 Steve Morgan
24 Sujith Naapa Ramesh
25 Melissa DiFelice
26 Connie Mahoney
27 John Casey
28 Lee Carpenter
29 Cathy Garrity
30 Huseyin Kocamon

Annual Donation Drive
The Linscott Rumford PTO, is a non-profit organization, with a mission that promotes good will, encourages interest in educational matters, and works towards developing closer cooperation between teachers and parents and provides opportunities for cultural, educational and social growth.
Annual fundraising efforts by the PTO, such as Bakes Sales, cookie dough sales, Fall Fair, Pizza Bingo, SCRIP and prior years gift wrap brochures and candles, have given the PTO opportunity to sponsor a wide range of school wide events. The PTO has sponsored holiday events, spring time events, sports events, spelling bees, contributed to 5th grade celebrations as well as fully fund all field trips and in-house enrichment programs for all students.
In order to continue being a successful organization and providing these activities to our students and lessen the hassle of fundraisers during the year on the students, the PTO is conducting a donation drive throughout the year. We are asking that each family consider a $80.00 donation per student, or whatever amount you can afford, which will help us accomplish our goals. We will still be conducting a small about of fundraisers this year for families who cannot afford to contribute large amounts at a time.
We are always looking for new ideas and HELP!  Please make all checks payable to the "Linscott Rumford PTO" and return your donation and donation form to your child's teacher or main office.
The PTO and YOUR students thank you in advance for your help!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for participating on the Spelling Challenge. We can't thank you enough for your support!
Over 160 Students financially particpated in The Spelling Challenge and the entire student population was tested with the challenge words. The school raised over $8500.00.
The award winners are as follows:
The Ad Design Contest - Patrick Hayes
The Poetry Writing Contest - Kayla Nett
The Daily Sponsor Sheet Raffle - Carlos Ortiz, Elizabeth Duncan, Alexa Ryan
Every student received a Certificate of Participation
The 100% On Test per Class Raffle:
KD Jenna Taylor, KM Matt D'Antuono, 1M Nick Johnson, 1D Jordan Monuteaux, 1P Sameera Jangala, 2B Kelsey Doherty, 2P Hannah Norman, 3M Destiny Paige, 3K Elizabeth Duncan, 4C Emma Mari, 4W Grace Zelandi, 5B Bryce Welton, 5R Kristopher Do
The Classroom that collected the most money - Mrs. Mahoney's 3rd Grade with $1228.50
The Student who raised the most money - Jonathan Zephir with $253 won an IPOD Shuffle
The Classroom with the Highest test average - Mrs. Richardson's 5th Grade
Congratulations to all the winners as well as all the participants. THANK YOU to all the PTO volunteers, teachers, and sponsors for their time, energy and money that made this fundraiser such a success!